With over 50 years of experience, Texas Inter-Faith Housing Corporation (TIFHC) has the specialized expertise, long-standing reputation and proven business practices to deliver affordable housing development as well  as asset management that improves communities and changes lives. TIFHC is directly responsible for developing 456 multi-family units and rehabilitating an additional 452 units. Governing TIFHC is a board of directors with an appointed Executive Director that oversees the staff, the records, the capital, and the necessary decisions for the strategic and day-to-day operations.

Texas Inter-Faith Housing Corporation started in 1966 as Houston Inter-Faith Corporation when three individuals from different religious backgrounds joined together in an effort to provide low-cost housing for senior citizens in the Houston community. This group of civic leaders established Houston Inter-Faith as a non-profit organization and purchased 4 properties that targeted very low-income seniors. During the 1990’s Houston Inter-Faith Housing Corporation experienced tremendous growth and expanded its mission to include the acquisition of multi-family low-moderate income communities throughout the state of Texas. Upon this expansion Houston Inter-Faith Housing became Texas Inter-Faith Housing.

The operational needs for the affordable housing communities owned by TIFHC warranted the formation of a management company. Texas Inter-Faith Management Corporation (TIFMC) was created to perform the management duties necessary for asset stability and resident fulfilment, along with ensuring compliance guidelines associated with affordable housing are met so that TIFHC may continue to accomplish thier mission of providing quality housing to those with economic hardships. TIFMC operates as an independent management company and is also a member of the Inter-Faith GROUP