For Property Owners

Stable asset performance is a key ingredient towards ensuring content, satisfied residents. Recurring maintenance repairs to include the unit interiors, building exteriors, common areas, capital improvements, and preventative maintenance programs promote a high quality, clean, healthy environment for residents, their guests, and for the TIFMC staff. Building and grounds maintenance promotes leasing activity and resident longevity. Through the TIFMC trained management professionals, contractors are required to submit competitive bids and all work is coordinated and inspected by experienced in-house staff for quality. A Policy and Procedures Manual for all on-site and Corporate Office personnel is distributed to ensure quality service is uniformly administered. Services also include compliance monitoring and reporting pursuant to governmental regulations and financial agreements.

TIFMC is the liaison between the Property Owner and all other outside sources, to include governmental compliance authorities, residents and contractors. Although a proactive approach to management is TIFMC’s preferred methodology, an immediate action is occasionally required; therefore, an experienced team is crucial when executing decisions on high priority issues that may have short deadlines.

Apart from the operational aspects, the Accounting Systems are in place to include auditors, software systems, banking relationships, annual budgets, and customized reports that provide a clear, accurate accounting trail of costs, revenues, delinquencies, along with Balance Sheets, Rent Rolls, and other reports that maintain and monitor financial activity. This data is archived and accessible at all times.

TIFMC is ready to assume management, assist with special operational requests, or implement compliance procedures twenty-four/seven, or at a moment’s notice.

For Public Housing Authority Properties

Texas Inter-Faith Management (TIFMC) contracts with Public Housing Authorities to provide management services for scattered site properties.  This work entails significant professional communication, data coordination, compliance verification, scheduling of Housing Quality Standards inspections and detailed logistics orchestrated through the agencies and landlords to assure ongoing stability for residents and federal accountability for programs.