Texas Inter-Faith Management Corporation (TIFMC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was specifically formed to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged people through the advocacy and management of decent affordable housing that supports mutual aid programs. TIFMC is a full service property management company and currently manages 14 properties represented by 2,082 units in Houston, Dallas/Ft.Worth and San Antonio, Texas.

Texas Inter-Faith Housing Corporation started in 1966 as Houston Inter-Faith Corporation when three individuals from different religious backgrounds joined together in an effort to provide low-cost housing for senior citizens in the Houston community. This group of civic leaders established Houston Inter-Faith as a non-profit organization and purchased 4 properties that targeted very low-income seniors. During the 1990’s Houston Inter-Faith Housing Corporation experienced tremendous growth and expanded its mission to include the acquisition of multi-family low-moderate income communities throughout the state of Texas. Upon this expansion Houston Inter-Faith Housing became Texas Inter-Faith Housing and Texas Inter-Faith Management Corporation was created to meet the specific management requirements within affordable housing.